1. what an excellent capture, Lynne. Curious if you know what the sign said on the other side of the flag? Probably ‘No walking on the beach.’ 🙂


      1. The rain abated in the evening so Fireworks went off but I was too far away to take any good pictures. I have lots of colored blurs in the sky..lol..
        Looking forward to your pictures 🙂


  2. Mebbe Home of the brave !!!
    Your theme: are you using it in a portfolio sense, please, Lynne ? – I am desperate to find someone who is …


    1. Yes indeed, that is a more fitting title indeed.
      Portfolio, not sure what you mean. My blog here is definitely not anything professional or one I would show to any client if I were ever selling my services. Are you looking for a more Professional Portfolio theme?


      1. I seek nought but comprehension of how to set one up, alas ! I find the Support article lacking in several steps; and being an old fart, I am now someone who thinks totally literally and follows instructions in the same way. The article doesn’t cater for that: it assumes you have a functioning brain …


  3. Imagine what this country would be if we all realized that the “land of the free” isn’t !!! What a great country we could be.


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