This is how it should be….




  1. Great shot. Love the light and colour of the background. It looks like there is some compression going on, or you were pretty close to the subjects? Can I ask, what lens/body combo did you use?


    1. Hi Ardean,
      I compressed a wee bit in Lightroom( I was around 20 ft away) and a small crop and voila that is all. The lens /body I used for this was my trusty Canon 60D and the lens (my favorite for street photography) the f1:8 50mm.



  2. A good one. Colorful and interesting face expression. I sense something beneath the surface.
    I guess my next challenge is trying not to use zoom lenses. ;-(


    1. Thanks Helen..I love the comradeship this group had.They were chatting & laughing away..
      I have never used a zoom and would love to try one..may rent one and see how it goes..
      Yes, up close(or sort of close) is my preferred method.


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