1. Great shot. Love the light and colour of the background. It looks like there is some compression going on, or you were pretty close to the subjects? Can I ask, what lens/body combo did you use?


    1. Hi Ardean,
      I compressed a wee bit in Lightroom( I was around 20 ft away) and a small crop and voila that is all. The lens /body I used for this was my trusty Canon 60D and the lens (my favorite for street photography) the f1:8 50mm.



  2. A good one. Colorful and interesting face expression. I sense something beneath the surface.
    I guess my next challenge is trying not to use zoom lenses. ;-(


    1. Thanks Helen..I love the comradeship this group had.They were chatting & laughing away..
      I have never used a zoom and would love to try one..may rent one and see how it goes..
      Yes, up close(or sort of close) is my preferred method.


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