Follow the leader

Looks like one person is not paying attention to the Line leader..




      1. Extraordinary … maybe all they wanted was the ride on he Segway? I must say I’d love to get up on one – but not in a tour … I’d kill everyone within a kilometre! 😀


  1. It’s really quite a funny picture, and of course using a telephoto lens has accentuated the strangeness in having a group of people segway-ing one after each other. I am not sure what to think about doing a tour like that, but the picture is great.


  2. I’m so glad you introduced yourself to me, and I found your blog. I think you do with photographs what I try to do with words: tell stories that will amuse, cause reflection, create focus, intrigue. I spent way too much time looking at them.


  3. The fact that one person in the group was watching you instead of paying attention to the tour, is one of the reasons why this style of candid street photography is so awesome. She is just one story among many in the photo.


  4. For some strange reason, I’m quite intrigued by this photo. Its a great example of street photography, what exactly are they doing? Pardon my ignorance but what is this tour on these strange contraptions?!


  5. Hilarious photo, very well done. I’m afraid that my own acute sense of shame would prevent me from ever getting on a Segway–and especially not touring on one.


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