Cinematic Photography Experiment

Being very new to the world of photography I am always reading, researching and studying photos of artists (Yes, photographers are artists) work I admire. My genre of choice is Street Photography for many reasons but mainly for the spontaneity of the shot. No two shots are ever the same out there on the street.

That being said, I have come to really like the “Cinematic Photography” style. This particular style seems to capture the mood so much better than a normal Cropped/Processed shot. The wide cinematic feel with letterbox header/footer is as if you stopped a movie in mid stream. Two great examples are the photographs of Jeff Krol and James Yeung.

Here are a few of my first attempts:



      1. That one’s particularly good, of course – simply because the frame’s full of action.
        What I should say is that I like it. I know NOZZINK.


  1. I especially like the second photo of the gentleman playing lap steel. The composition is superb, and the photo is very dynamic. One feels a story rising out of that.


  2. There is a whole scene going on in shots like this. There is a centerpiece to it (and not always in the center), but there are also other stories as well. People going about their lives. This is my favorite type of street photography as well.


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