weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Book Cover Art
“This is how you lose her”
By: Junot Diaz


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

I struggled with this challenge and not even sure if this qualifies as anything remotely close to Refraction, but it does involve light!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreams

I generally do not shoot “dreamy” things, hope this will suffice


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

I rarely, if ever, photograph at night. In the spirit of being a team player, I went out in the dark to take this photo.

A Red truck, in the rain, at nighttime.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

all human beings collectively; the human race; humankind

Of all the photos I have taken, this is one of my favorites. It represents humanity in it’s most honest, beautiful form. One soul leaning in to teach/listen to another.


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