Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Book Cover Art
“This is how you lose her”
By: Junot Diaz


For more of this weeks challenge, go HERE


  1. I love Junot Diaz. But I do prefer his earlier short story collection, Drown. And of course his novel, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wwao. One of my favorite novels. The writing just blew me away…


    1. I agree, his writing is like none other.. reminds me a bit like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, only with the Diaz twist.. I have yet to read “Drown” (thanks for the reminder to do so) but like you, loved “The Brief Life….
      Thank you for the visit!


  2. WOW! What an intriguing image. I have read only “Oscar Wao” which totally blew me away. I knew absolutely nothing about the history of the Domnican Republic and learned so much from that book. An amazing author and now I’m so curious who the chair relates to “This Is How You Lose Her.”


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