Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

I rarely, if ever, photograph at night. In the spirit of being a team player, I went out in the dark to take this photo.

A Red truck, in the rain, at nighttime.


For more Nighttime photos, go HERE


  1. I love the fact that you went right out and snapped a photo. The red of the truck, the red lights caught in its window, and the red neon sign make this picture very pleasing. I admire your spontaneity which is definitely captured here!

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  2. Awesome- I know how hard night shots are!
    I was wondering if, in the future, I might be able to chat with you about using one of your photos for a post. I’d like to highlight your work (would give full credit and a link back to your site). A friend suggested I upgrade my photos- like that will ever happen! Any thoughts? Sue


      1. Wonderful! Thank you! I’ll go through your posts and let you know when a pic jumps out.
        I so appreciate this (and I would say you are a pro. Your photos are beautiful. They all tell a story.)


  3. glad you are a team player – and you know – at first I just liked the shot for the wet feel – but then when I looked a bit more – the col way the BK lights play off the red of the truck is nice – and then the horizontal lines in the truck work well with the sign as well – cool capture and glad you made yourself join in .ha!


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