Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

I admit to not really understanding this challenge. This is my attempt at Dialogue

For more of this weeks challenge, go HERE


  1. I know. I”m not sure about it either…could have gone straight up with a photo of people in dialog…but two photos in dialog? Confusing. Will be interesting to see what everyone does.


  2. JESUS H. CHRIST !!! – two different phalaenopses, and both growing WILD !!!
    What a glorious couple of shots, Lynne: I hope you’re as pleased as you should be !


    1. I wonder if this confusion over the exact nature of the challenge was a contrived one in which we, as photographers and writers were forced to stretch our minds and have a quiet dialogue with our creative selves in trying to interpret the challenge. In any case we all did well with our individual interpretations .

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      1. That is a perfect description of the challenge and yes, I went in with pre-conceived ideas of what the correct response would be. I will learn to allow myself to just think and trust my vision πŸ™‚


  3. Bravo! You have met this ambiguous” challenge admirably. The first pic appears to be a macro shot of the flower. The second a more general pose. In life we tend to either glance briefly at a situation or else closely scrutinize it under our mental microscopes. You have done both tasks here. The “dialogue here involves a two sided interpretation of a subject or situation. The clichΓ© approach would have been to photography two people chatting BUT life is filled with interactions that do not always require spoken words. Thank you for sharing your work with us. πŸ™‚

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    1. Gerry Thank you so kindly for the wonderful comment. I was very unsure of my work when I posted for this challenge but in re-reading your words, I will learn to trust myself more in the photos I take..
      Thank you again!


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