1. Great concept for this challenge. Did security try and chase you off? BTW – I have about 20 min left on that video you recommended from the B&H site. She makes it sound so simple but you could spend a lifetime mastering what she is saying. But some of the concepts are things you can take away and use. Many overlap with Otto’s workshop – Thanks for the recommendation.


    1. Thanks Chris.. I’m sure she has been a photographer for wayyyyy longer than me but I did learn some good things on light, content and composition. Oh, I am not taking the workshop (Otto’s) as I was confused, it’s the same one we just finished.
      So on that note, I guess I’ll buy a new camera lens 🙂


      1. As photographers, we are never at a loss for how to spend their money. I just bought the Lumix camera Otto mentioned in his travel essentialsentry. We are doing a week long cycling trip and bringing the dSLR is not an option.


      2. Thanks…We don’t go until mid-September. I’m trying to get used to the new camera. In fact, all the festival photos this week were taken with it. Nothing like just bringing one camera to help you learn to use it well.


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