1. the fact that he looks a bit smug as he leads the way, and she looks cheerful as she brings up the rear bothers me just a tad. Am I reading this all wrong? Sometimes I think I need to lighten up. 🙂


  2. Nice shot Lynne – The blank space behind them with the muted reflections makes for an interesting backdrop against which to see there postures and gaits. It would be fun to do a series of photos in this spot.


    1. Thanks Chris…This is outside of our local Museum of Art and I watch many a couple parade past but only took these folks picture.. Now I wish I had of taken the others.. Might have to go back sometime 🙂


  3. Yup: you see it all over the world ! 🙂 Husband strolls, wife strolls behind him. Why, we were never able to work out. But it’s REAL ! 😀


  4. I don’t read anything by their postures. Now, if the guy was walking behind here, carrying her purse…

    Very nice photo Lynne!


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