1. Around here when you see those it’s for two reasons, a lot of poor people around who cannot afford to have the phone at home or a lot of drug dealers who are using those because they cannot be traced


  2. Oh, how I remember those days… it cost 50 cents or one dollar? My heart was pounding… sometime I wish no one would answer the phone 😉


  3. Geez, I remember when you would take a whole handful of change into the booth, talk to the operator to make the call, and have to keep putting in coins in order to talk. My grandchildren laughed hysterically one day when I actually pulled a phone book out to look something up. 🙂


    1. Too funny about your grandchildren.. My children found an old rotary phone when packing up my Mom’s house and stared at it like it was from the 1700’s.. I miss the payphone, dropping in quarters or now, probably a Fiver 🙂


  4. The perfect choice, Lynne. And it speaks so well to the dramatic changes we have seen during our lifetimes. Our grandkids would be hard pressed to guess what it is. Almost makes me feel sad. 🙂 –Curt


  5. awesome! This was actually one of my first thoughts for this challenge but I didn’t have any photos of a payphone, unfortunately 😦 I’m glad you posted one! Good shot



  6. Nice choice for this challenge!

    The first time I saw a pay telephone, there was a slot for a nickel, and a slot for a dime, and a slot for a quarter. I couldn’t understand why anyone would pay a quarter if they could pay a nickel instead.

    That was a long, long time ago.


  7. Came across your blog after you had commented on someone I follows blog, and I’m glad I did what a truly fantastic blog you have, your photography is simply beautiful.
    Keep up the awesome work, I truly look forward to seeing more of your work!

    P.S I didn’t think those relics existed anymore 😛


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