Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


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  1. very cool shot (I agree) and Ilove this (Ia free with that too) – ha! and well, you have the colors going on (red/green) – the lines – the tone – the light – so much – 🙂


    1. sorry about the typos in that comment – lol – and I saw some similar umbrellas today – they were in orange and lined up – I could not get a shot – but it reminded me of this cool photo of yours….. 🙂 ❤


      1. Thank you so much.. When I took this photo I had no idea the contrast of colors would be so strong. Nice surprises with photography, sometimes you don’t know what you get until you process.


  2. I always like color photos with very few colors, and I like it even more when it’s street photo with very few colors, very well captures


      1. Street photography is a fickle beats. Out of 100 photos, you may get 5 that work.
        While this is not a technically good shot, the colors sort of fell into place.

        Thanks so much Nelson!!


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