1. Good shot…the similarities and contrasts are really interesting. Their demeanor and demographics (age, gender, race) are not all that different, but the difference in the clothing makes me want to know more.


  2. Their face expression and body language are interesting. I want to know where they are going. Come to think of it, airport is a good place to take photos 😉


  3. What an extraordinary 2S ! There are so many comments to make about it that I feel almost dizzy … So I shan’t; but will add only – trust you to come away from the airport with such a shot, Lynne …


      1. And I can see clearly why this is. It is for the same reason that I have so much to say about the shot that it would take a page …


    1. I was actually packing away my camera when i looked up, saw these two and *click*..I do ask permission when doing street shots if they are up close.. Don’t be afraid, just go out and click that camera 🙂


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