Photography Project #1

I recently completed an E-Photography workshop taught by fellow blogger, Otto Von Munchow host of In Flow WordPress Blog. When I first registered, I worried about keeping up with the assignments and would my novice photographs please the instructor.

Upon reflection of the course, it was the best 8 weeks of my photographic journey. Weekly lessons, assignments and Otto’s thoughtful critique opened up a new world of photography for me. His next workshop is being held in Cuba and while as an American travel there is difficult, I can only envy the participants.

Throughout our E-Workshop we were building towards a Personal Photography Project. I chose to do mine on the Songkarn Festival held at our local Buddhist Temple.

Following are the photos Otto selected from the many I submitted for his review.










Now, on to Photography Project #2…..



      1. Thank you. I have the final shots plus a few of there that I liked up as a page but haven’t yet done a post. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to approach things with my blog but that is part of the fun.


  1. How super for you, Lynne ! – that on-line participation … Love your choice of topic; love your photos ! I had wondered about the gorgeous little girl when you posted that one; now she falls into place. Keep it up forever, OK ?!


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