1. May I ask you a dumb question, please, Lynne ? – why the dark background ? I felt as if I REALLY wanted to see her hair … I think BECAUSE she’s beautiful, if that makes any sense …


  2. Not that I want to contradict M-R here but I think the black background bring all the attention to her face ……. I like


  3. Hey Lynne! So nice to see your photos – I love the black and white! Sorry to be away – life, you know? Things are slowly returning to a new normal. Hope you are well and finding inspiration!


  4. I like the simplicity of the setup.Did you shoot natural light? I’m curious because I’m starting a portrait series and I’m trying to decided how I want to shoot it 🙂 Keep it up! I love shooting people 🙂


    1. Thanks very much Ardean..Yes, this is natural light as I tried a few shots with lights and it looked harsh..I wanted natural looks to these.
      I say if you have the natural light use it.. Enjoy your series and I too love photographing people!!


      1. Thanks for responding! I love natural light and will take that over anything – but I might be swayed to a lit shot for this series – we’ll see 😉


  5. This is most impressive. I love the comparison of both. There’s really a lot going on there. The difference in the mood, shadow, lighting, tone, etc … and you seemed to have captured all the right aspect of it. The color shot with a smile, less shadow, right focus and angle of the shot … while the Black and White fits the mood you shown, the perfect shadow (only to one side), the face angle … This is extremely impressive. So much talking points, you can definitely use this as a photography lesson visual aid.


    1. You are entirely too kind and I most appreciate everything you said.. She is such an easy model (very natural and un-pretentious) it made it that much easier for me. The monochrome one came last because I was starting to lose my natural light and did not want to use flash or camera lights, hence the natural shadows.
      I shall keep on practicing , trying different angles, light, etc.. always seeking that “shot”
      Thank you again my friend, your words made my day!


  6. I like the black background, because with it, nothing in the photo competes with her beautiful face.
    Beautiful photo of a beautiful lady…


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