A Spring Time Fair

A few posts back I talked about a really nice Photography website called Exposure. For anyone interested I have a new post, A Spring Time Fair.



  1. I loved the entire series–especially the square dancing couple, walking hand in hand. This picture is intriguing, though. At first I thought the Valor of Honor guy was applying make-up to the older gentleman. Then looking past him. Then…time to ask the photographer!


  2. VERY good photos Lynne! I think you really caught the essence of fairs and carnivals. Rides, food, visitors and of course the people working there. Two things really stuck with me after looking at your great photos. How badly I want to try a deep fried Reeses Peanut Butter Cup and how much the younger guy in this photo looks like Harry Connick, Jr. (with glasses). I even compared it to a real photo of him and seriously, this guy could pass for him.


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