It’s been one year since I picked up my first DSLR and started posting photos here at Six Degrees Photography.
I have not only had the joy of sharing the world as I encounter it but sharing in your worlds as well.

I could not decide what anniversary picture to post so I made a small montage of my favorites from this past year.

Thank you so kindly to all who stop past this photo album….


    1. Thanks so much.. yes, I was a poet/writer for many years and the words went away(the lovely writer’s block) so I picked up a camera.. I’m hooked now πŸ˜‰

      PS-loving your project photos.. can’t wait to see the final collection!!


  1. Love every single one – including the first one of yours I ever saw, that had me follow you immediately ! A year, eh ? – you done good, Lynne … real good ! Big hug.


  2. I loved this–some I had not seen before, too, so this was fun. I hope to purchase a DSLR this year. My very, very old Pentax SLR died and I miss it terribly. These new fangled cameras look confusing as all get out. You take awesome snaps, Lynne. Congrats on one year to you.


    1. When you are ready to buy, I will be happy to share advice on “first dslr’s” a friend gave me.. Made the decision that much easier..
      Hey, I still miss my Kodak Instamatic and taking the film to the foto place that was out in the middle of a parking lot (forgot the name but I bet you know what I mean)..
      Thanks for dropping by!!


      1. Lois, I bought a Canon 3Ti.. It has all the bells &whistles for a newbie (like me) but has the ability to expand (extra lens & such). I am thoroughly pleased with it. I’m sure Nikon has an equivalent..Let me know what you decide:-)


  3. I found your blog relatively late but I have missed a lot. It is a very fine compilation and it goes well with the music. I think if you have the eye you can make good photos from day 1. Congratulations.


    1. Thanks so much Andrew.. I appreciate your dropping by here and I enjoy your blog as well! I’m not where I want to be (in picture taking) but I will keep practicing and looking at all of you guys great shots!
      Here’s to another year !


  4. Absolutely great photography. It’s so amazing how I was very impressed with all that you’ve written and equally highly impressed with what you captured. When I couldn’t find your bubble picture, I was planning on the flower shot.

    And what a nice way to do an anniversary post. I might have to borrow the idea once I found out how to do it.


    1. You are so darn kind.. seriously.. It was not hard to do this little video..Had to be easy as I am not very technical even though I work in the IT industry..Go figure!!
      Would love to see you do one as your photos are always so gorgeous and thought provoking!


  5. Nice to meet you, Lynne. πŸ™‚ I’m following in Rommel’s footsteps too, and they’re not bad footsteps at all, are they?
    I like your mix of interesting photos and this is a great way to showcase them. Here’s to another great year!


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