Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Threshold of Winning (or Losing)

chess in the street1

For more photos from this weeks challenge, go HERE


  1. This is so amazing! Look at all the action and chaos in the background, while the two chess players in the foreground play on… oblivious to their surroundings.

    I love it… true street photography.


    1. Thanks so much Shane.. This is one of those shots I am glad I took.. Chess is such a quiet game and like you said, chaos, noise surrounds them but these two are in their own world!
      Isn’t street photography interesting, never know what you will capture!
      Thanks so much for the visit!


      1. I always wish that the intent expressed by TDP were followed to the letter by everyone, rather than by two people, as in this case. But then, I suppose it don’t matter a bit, as long as the ideas are causing participation …


  2. You seem to capture pivotal moments in time. You just don’t see sights like this in most cities. Life isn’t just lived behind closed doors. It’s out on and in the street. I always find myself exploring the background in your photos. Always something besides the main subject going on… VERY nice photo Lynne.


    1. Thank so much Pat.. I’m trying to slow down when I take street photos and really absorb my surroundings..
      I later found out there is actually a Documentary in the works on this man teaching chess. evidently he’s rather famous 😉


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