Odd man out

I wonder what the couple were discussing.. I think he wanted to go hang out with the men-folk and she was giving him reasons on why he should not nor would..
Pure speculation on my part…

boys team



    1. Bugger. Just saw the comment above. OK … lemme think … she says “I wouldn’t mind a brazilian” and he says “I’ve heard they’re really painful …”


  1. Could it also be that as they look at that group of young folks, they are nostalgically remembering the time they were young? Could it be that they are softly singing to themselves, ” Those were the days………..?”



    1. Shakti, what a great comment.. Now that i look at this picture again, I see the yellow line separating the couple from the group of “younger people”..
      Yes, I think you could be right πŸ™‚
      Thank you for the visit!


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