Spring arrives on a farm






  1. Oh, Lynne ! – these are not frames to offer to Aussies ! [grin]
    Lantana is a noxious pest in Oz – it strangles everything and the flowers eventually die off, leaving hideous thickets of hard tangled branches. One of best movies of the past decade is called “Lantana” by way of describing the relationships …


    1. Oh boy, and here I thought I was bringing some cheery color to WP!! 😉
      I don’t normally photograph flowers so next time I’ll look for daises..or would love to go to Holland and capture rows and rows of Tulips!!


  2. I absolutely love the farm life… and miss it dearly. I grew up on a horse farm, rode around on a tractor, drove pickup trucks when I was too young. Man, those were the days. Your images brought back so many great memories… thanks for creating the post.


    1. Shane, you were one lucky kid.. I grew up with farms all around me and I always wanted to live on one. There was always something to do there, like you said riding tractors, caring for the animals, etc. Now I take pictures of farms when I see one!!
      Thanks so much for the visit and follow!!


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