Exposure -Crafting Photo Narratives


In this Social Media arena there are so many different places one can post their photographs. Some are good, most are sub par. I have happened across what I think is an outstanding site where you post a “Photo Story”.

Exposure is in a class all by itself. In the words of it’s founders, Luke & Kyle:

“Exposure is for photographers who want a more meaningful and effortless way to publish their work β€” in the context of a narrative, instead of a feed or single photo on a permalink page.

We help you tell a great story, while putting your photography front and center.”

The beautiful dynamics of the way this site is laid out with everything from posting to the final product is nothing short of gorgeous. While I am the first to admit my photos are not on the level as many of these people, it in no way will stop me from posting my narratives. I can learn from these other fine picture takers.

The cost to join is free but you are limited to 3 Photo Narratives. I joined but at the middle level as RSS feeds, Google Analytic s, etc are beyond me.

For those interested, please go take a look see and if you like here is my Photo Album: https://lhayes.exposure.so/


  1. Very cool site and I love the narratives you posted. The site reminds me a bit of the VSCO grid, also simple and beautiful in its layout.

    A curious and cheap way of using it might be to just rotate narratives in and out of the three spots you have and use your WordPress blog to promote any new narrative you post.

    Thanks for the info 6ΒΊs. I think I might give it a try (note: there’s a certain hesitancy on my part mainly because I’m afraid of spreading myself too thin on the web. I’ve got a pro site with photoshelter, the WordPress blog, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, G+, VSCO, and I don’t know what else.)


    1. That’s a good point about rotating them out.. Oh my you are on the Web. the only Social site I am now on is WordPress.I killed the Book of Faces & Twitter almost 2 years ago.. So damn freeing πŸ˜‰
      Let me know if you decide as you have some really amazing work!

      I use some VSCO presets !


  2. I think your photos are gorgeous–I am still hung up on that lobby! πŸ™‚ I have trouble posting pictures on WP but I want to take a look see at this. Thanks so much.


  3. That is more interesting that you might credit, Lynne – inasmuch as I now know the source of one of our politcal online newspaper’s marvellous photo-stories – they, of course, would pay top dollar. I had often wondered what amazingly clever person put them together – and now I know. None of ’em.
    Your story about the women behind the wired (once) is a bit of a shock: I suppose I’d never thought of women being so heavily and nastily guarded against escaping … :-\


    1. There are so many good stories over there..I spend too much time gazing and reading!
      The prison is stark, lonely and rather creepy..I left there with so many questions and a feeling of sadness for these women..once they were little girls then years later locked to a life behind wire..


      1. It’s impossible not to wonder what happened to make them end up there … But then I always come down to the fact that it must have been their upbringing; that they were in all probability not loved properly as children.


  4. I’m back! It’s an interesting website and it looks like there is a ton of good stuff there. It seems to me, that every photography site should have a search process. To get exposed, visitors need to be able to find what they want by name, subject, style, or whatever. I didn’t see that there.
    IDon’t sell your self short, your photos there are fantastic.


    1. You are too fun.. I also did not find a way to search for photographers..I think I’ll email them and ask.. I do know it’s a new site and just came off the Beta phase so maybe it’s in the works!
      My photos are the signs of a novice, which I am, but that’s ok by me..I am eager to learn πŸ™‚


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