Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside the lobby of my office building. The juxtaposition of the cool, classy interior vs the lush vegetation out side never fails to amaze me.

la oficina

For more of this weeks photo challenge, go HERE


      1. Makes a difference when a company cares like that. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Trying to wake myself up …


  1. How many times have you seen this photo in your head before you decide to take the picture. Having worked there I’m sure you have planned the timing of the day and when the reflections where at there peak. good picture


    1. Jeff, I normally dislike the “typical” office building but I do admit this is a rarity and I am fortunate to work for a company that provides such great surroundings. You are an outside man, you would love the gardens ..360 degrees of foliage outside!


  2. I love this and can’t help but wonder about the EXIT sign over the door…….to me it is more like an entry into that gorgeous exterior. Oh and yes, my office lobby looks nothing like that! Beautiful photograph.


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