Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective



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  1. Oh how I remember helping both my kids with learning how to ride. I remember taking the wheels off and having to deal with their fears as a result. The trick was finding a place with a very slight slope and teaching them how to coast. Once they got comfortable with coasting, I told them to just put their feet on the peddles and go. The look of satisfaction when they’d “get it” was (and still is) priceless.


    1. I left the “teaching” my kids to ride up to Dad. I stood on the sidelines chewing my nails then clapping when they “got it”.. Something so simple as riding a bike gives a child such priceless freedom..
      I still love to bike ride!


  2. I still remember my mother running along beside me and pushing. 🙂 The family had spent a hard five dollars to buy me a well-used bike. Once I mastered it, I could travel for miles around our rural neighborhood and did. It truly was freedom. I like both your photos Lynn. They tell different stories. –Curt


    1. Your story reminds me of my own.. I still remember the Christmas I got a “new” used bike that my Mom bought a new basket for and I was the happiest kid..Would ride in my neighborhood for hours on end. I still have a bike and love riding !
      Good times, eh Curt?


      1. Looked at the opening Lynne, And will come back to the rest later. The beginning certainly captures the experience. Was a little surprised about the ads since Burning Man is so non-commercialized. Curt


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