Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Abandoned house in town

abandoned house

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  1. But it could be so NICE … That doesn’t happen here: the only houses that people walk away from are out in the country, in the bush, in the semi-desert, when they finally realise that they can’t survive out there. Their cattle are starving and there’s no rain. And that’s much how it is in a lot of Oz right now. :-\


    1. Curt, your comment made me laugh..lol.. No, this is actually in good old Tampa, took it last summer.. I actually used to work with the lady that lived here, stopped by one day to say hello and saw this catastrophe.. have yet to find her…


  2. Great photo. This takes me back to my childhood and youth in southeast Missouri. There’s something ineffably sad about such scenes.


  3. It may be abandoned, but it’s nicer than more than a few of the places I’ve lived in.
    Nice photo Lynne, a statement on the sad state of affairs existing in some people’s lives.


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