Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

If you walk the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, chances are you will meet Robert (or Sam, depending his mood determines his name that day). He will gladly play you a “happy beat”.


Tap his blue booted foot with bells around the ankle


End his song with a friendly look which indeed leaves you feeling “happy”.


To see more of this weeks Photography challenge, go HERE


      1. Sighh … then I suppose what’s been done up properly is what is seen by the rest of the world, whereas the 9th is where the less fortunate used to live.
        Local government all over.


      1. Mine too. Some parts of the city really scare me but I love to just watch the water and boats go by at that location. THere is agreat little cafe my wife and I went to just down the hill near there (like New Orleans doesn;t have a lot of great cafes but it was a memory spot for me).


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