State Fair

The city I live in is the host for our State fair. The fair started in 1904 and has grown to encompass a 330 acres fun-fest. There are rides, carnival games, animal exhibits, food, happy people and more food. I had not been in years but this week the management team at work took our group (20 of us) and we had a great time.

Sunny skies, 80 degree weather and good company. Not a bad way to spend the day (and get paid). Here are a few post cards from the Florida State Fair:

florida state fair

carnival girl



carnival man


  1. I’m discovering that I am a closet introvert, so don’t really get into fairs, with the crowds, etc., but these photos are so colorful! Almost makes me want to be there! Thanks for visiting me–I really like interacting with the crowd that is the blogger community!!


  2. What absolutely brilliant photographs. I see you shift from a macro to a micro perspective which is great. What would you say could be the thoughts associated to the final micro perspective of bubbles?



    1. The fair is so big and colorful when I saw this lone guy playing with bubbles they looked so small yet colorful. It was as if all of the excitement of the day was wrapped inside those bubbles..
      Thank you so much for the visit and a great comment!


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