Out & About #3

If you notice, everyone is pre-occupied except for one person.. Yes, I got busted snapping this shot.

man on the street


  1. Did he make trouble for you, Lynne? – the prick! He looks like someone who thinks he’s the answer to everyone’s prayers, doesn’t he? And so bloody UNATTRACTIVE!


  2. What strikes me about the photo is that everyone seems somewhere else. It’s hard to tell about the guy behind the glasses, unless he said something to you or provided a universal gesture. Maybe he has warm crinkly eyes. I know it’s a reach, but still… –Curt


  3. I think I can see your reflection is his mirrored glasses!
    Great photo Lynne! I really don’t mind if people catch me. It just adds to the purity of the candid moment and this photo is as candid as can be! Great job…


  4. I am still very inexperienced with street photography and being ‘caught’ is one thing I dread……the situation here is hard to read, he looks a bit gruff, but I like to think he is hiding his true self behind the sun glasses and that his nature is kind.


    1. I used to be very nervous but most times when i take pics of people, I shoot from the hip..This man was actually very nice after he realized he was “caught on camera”..
      Thanks so much for the visit and all of your comments today!


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