Young Beauty






      1. Lightroom 4 is a great program and really has all you need for post process. PS is daunting, but you can do things in PS that you could never do in Lightroom. That said, keep experimenting in post production with Lightroom until you get a comfortable workflow (it took me a while to get comfy with it too). If you already haven’t, Adobe Lightroom actually has a Youtube channel and several good videos on how to use the tools to get what you want. Good luck and keep up the good work.


      2. Thank you.. Yes, I trialed LR at first when I got my Canon and really love the ease of everything. I have already watched a few of the tutorials (more so when I started using LR) but am definitely needing more advanced ones so will revisit them. It’s really about practice, reading and following good photographers such as yourself 🙂


  1. I think they are both great shots! Maybe the contrast is a tiny bit harsh in the first one, but look at her hair! It’s amazing! Please don’t get too hung up with post processing! Using Photoshop is like cheating on a test. The result isn’t based on reality because it can make a bad photo look like a good one. You have a great eye and that is what it’s all about. A few minor adjustments are okay, but these days people do so much processing on their photos that they come out looking like paintings. If you can make the photo look close to how your eye saw it that’s okay, but anything further isn’t honest. In my humble opinion anyway…

    Your photos are REAL, just like your writing is REAL. I hope you keep it that way.
    I’d rather look at photos like these anytime.


    1. Hiya Pat..
      thanks so very much for your kind words and positive critique. I can guarantee you I will never get ‘carried away” with post processing. Like you said, pictures need to be reflective of what the photographer sees not what they imagine to see. While I give Kudos to some pictures for their”creativity”, it’s not my personal style. Hell, I don’t even know how to use Photoshop (no lie).. While I don’t aspire to be famous from my shots I do want to leave a portfolio behind for my family as a testament to what I saw and experienced while I was here..
      Keep the critique coming as you are very experienced and I am but a greenhorn!!


      1. Thanks Lynne, you already have exactly what you need. You are artistic, creative and have a great eye. You can’t learn that, you either have it or you don’t. I may have a lot of experience, but who am I to critique your photos! I’m not artistic and all I have is the good eye part of the equation. Some of the basics and a good eye are all you really need.
        If you go to my blog and do a search (in the search box on the right side) for candid, you will some of the candid photos I’ve posted.


  2. It’s a good picture and she doesn’t seem at all bothered by you taking it either. By the time they’re that age they’re usually too self-conscious to get a good photo.

    To weigh in on the discussion, I use LR for most of my post-processing. One big use I have for PS is when I’m trying to correct distortion, especially keystoning that’s unintended – sometimes I did it deliberately. Sometimes I like having the layers when I’m trying out effects. And some photos are once in a lifetime and can’t be salvaged any other way.



    1. My apologies for the late thank you.. somehow missed this notification.
      I am just starting to play around with layers and textures.. such fun. I am no where good enough to post here but hopefully soon.
      thank you so much for your kind remarks!


      1. No problem on the late reply. I’m finding it hard to sit at the computer lately (after doing it all day at work), so I certainly can’t quibble. I’m just happy that you found my comment to be worthwhile.


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