Bound For Glory

These pictures were taken as I leaned over a railing, the train speeding past. The graffiti caught my eye.

(*click to enlarge*)








  1. I like all the textures – the gravel, the rail cars, as well as the juxtaposition of the graffiti to the signage. Very cool.
    And… I get ten points for using “juxtaposition.”
    Another ten for spelling it right the SECOND time…


  2. We grew up to the sound of a train’s whistle… and balancing on railroad tracks. I’ve always found trains romantic. I suspect you are a fan of “The Train they Call the City of New Orleans.” Dislike graffiti when it defaces but like when it is well done… as is the case with your photos.


    1. My grandfather had RR tracks behind his house and as a little girl I used to dream about putting my possessions in a bandanna, tie it on a stick and riding away.. Ha, yes know that song well and I am with you on the graffiti.. do not like it when it’s done in a negative way (I call that junk) 🙂


  3. I’ve always loved trains and things related to trains. Even just seeing the tracks makes me think about traveling. I like all these photos, but I love the first one! Sometimes graffiti is art and sometimes it’s just plain old vandalism. The graffiti on these train cars falls into the art category to me. No matter where you are in the country, This same style is painted on RR cars.


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