Cities of the Dead

The City of New Orleans is below sea level, therefore deceased people have to be buried above ground in crypts or mausoleums. These cemeteries have a nickname, “Cities of the Dead

This is Lafayette Cemetery No.1.

(*click pic to enlarge*)









  1. I never would have ‘thunk’ it, but my years of wandering around in old graveyards doing genealogical research has made me quite appreciative of the different personalities graveyards take on. Certainly, NOLA, has its own look. Nice job, Lynne.


  2. Beautiful shots! Although I’ve seen these above ground grave yards in movies, I didn’t realize they are buried this way due to being below sea level. Makes total sense now. I have always loved going to cemeteries to take pictures. There is so much to capture. Both the architecture of the monuments and the stories written upon them. Great job, Lynn!


  3. Very nice photos! Dark and kind of eerie.
    Your photos of this place remind me of the movie Easy Rider. There is a part where Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda are on LSD while in there.


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