1. I always wonder if the people who use those mailboxes get confused as to who’s box belongs to whom.


      1. Ever since picking up a camera about 5 years ago I’ve started looking at a lot of things very differently. Things aren’t just things anymore, there’s a photograph in there somewhere…


      2. That’s so true. I’m still a big experimenter when it comes to compositions, but I’m also getting better at recognizing that the hair brained idea I have at any given moment isn’t going to work. There’s one other thing I’ve seen in my own photography, and I bet you’ll see it in yours too. The better I get at “seeing”, the less I actually press the shutter. The number of “keepers” I get has gone way up, while the number of photos I shoot on any given outing has actually gone way down.


      3. My background is as a writer/poet so making the transition to photography can be a bit daunting. With words you can play around, rephrase, etc. With photography, majority of the time you must take that shot or lose it. So yes, I am trying to retrain my brain to compose correctly, not that the first shot will be the “keeper” but to know that unlike with writing there are very few second chances (I hope that made sense).. I recently started using Lightroom and have found a bit of tweaking helps the “keeper” pile grow.. I’m sure my skills will always be a work in progress as how it should be 🙂


      4. That is one of the best things about photography. It is a never ending learning process. The best advice I ever came across is to shoot a lot, and look at a lot of other, good, photography. Then try to figure out why it’s good, why the photo “works.”


  2. I am always looking for patterns in nature… like your last shot, Lynne. I have dozens of the ‘grass in the water’ type. I never get tired of taking them. Any reflection captures my attention. Also love the patterns that wood grains create. The list goes on… (grin) Great shots. Very creative with the shopping carts and mail boxes.


    1. It’s ironic because that grass shot was actually taken in a small pond behind a store..the darn fence was in my way so I’m shooting between the links.. I lovve shooting rusty things and wood grains are something I have yet to capture.. *on the list* 😉


    1. Thanks again Bethany.. these challenges are enough to keep my creative juices going and trying new techniques. I had to leave the 365 project as taking a shot everyday got to be too much pressure for me. I want this hobby to always be fun!!


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