Weekly Photo Challenge:Change

Change comes in many forms. For my first participation in the Weekly Photo Challenge I have selected two photographs I feel represents change from new to old.

old parts to something or other


For more photos from this weeks challenge, go HERE


  1. I know you and I both have a love of phone booths. Love the sepia look on that one. The first one is also great. What caught my eye, other than the great quality of the photo, was that the one bolt was actually bending. Also the rust… always interesting.


  2. Such a shiny phone for such a dilapidated Bell South phone booth. Great contrast. And the phone looks like it still might work, which is amazing. Did you pick up the phone to see if it had a dial tone? More importantly, did you check the change dispenser to see if there was any money left behind? As a kid, I always did. Sometimes a bang on the side of the phone helped.


    1. Curt..it really was that shiny..it was in the parking lot to this run down corner store so I’m wondering did the Manager polish it each morning πŸ™‚
      I used to check for change too but hardly ever got lucky like you did..I miss the days of standing at the phone..I know, I’m odd at times πŸ˜‰


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