Inaugural Post- The Prison

This is my first post on this new landscape, six degrees of photography.

I am not a professional photographer, merely a person with a camera capturing the world one frame at a time.

Photos taken at an abandoned women’s prison in Florida







  1. WOW!! Lynne, these are awesome. I love your new blog and will be a devoted follower. Are you going to have a theme like this each time or just random photos? These prison shots are beautiful considering what it is. You go girl! I think you have such a good eye, like I said before, you have an artist’s soul. This I know. 🙂


    1. Lisa..You are just the best, most supportibve person.. It means so much..
      Yes, I was all over the map at that otehr site and found myself confused, not learning much and trying to keep up with seasoned photographers. I will so themes 2x a week and one day just post whatevers..
      Thank you ..truly 🙂


  2. Wow. Loved that you led with the empty room. Felt the loneliness. The rest are rather stark, final. They tell a story, especially ending with that last pic is the perfect touch!


  3. Wonderful shots, Lynne! It’s crazy how something so ugly can look beautiful from the artistic eye. I noticed in the first barbed wire shot that the lights are still on. Wasteful to be lighting up an abandoned facility, no? Is just anyone able to walk around it? Or are you looking in from the outside? Really excellent shots! So glad we get to see more of your work at the new blog. 😀


    1. Yes, it’s abandoned and I too noticed those lights on there and elsewhere..I was on the outside looking in except I did go in that one “cage” and was a bit nervous. It’s an outside pen for people in solitary confinement..there 1 hour a day exercise was done there..

      thanks so much for following along Bethany.. means alot!


  4. Congratulations, Lynne! Once again I’ve been out of the loop for the past couple of weeks, but I kept wanting to get a chance to see your new photo-blog. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’re going to post. If this first one is any indication, there are good things to come.


  5. your first post only to get better with more clicks and showcase more work with time…all the best 🙂 happy clicking 🙂


      1. oh wow that’s cool which one did you get? I still desire to own a DSLR..most of my clicks are with a digicam only.


  6. Awesome photos! It is very “apocalyptic” how there is still pictures on the walls and chains with locks. Thanks so much for sharing this at Photog Show and Tell! I hope you come back and share more photography!


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