Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

I rarely, if ever, photograph at night. In the spirit of being a team player, I went out in the dark to take this photo.

A Red truck, in the rain, at nighttime.


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A few of the submissions bagged and ready to go.

Six Degrees Free Photo Find Project

A few days ago I made a post about an upcoming Photo Project I am doing. The response has been great and I am appreciative of those participating, sharing their photos freely with others. There is still time for anyone wanting to be a part of this Free Find Project.

More Information can be found here:


Here are a few iphone shots showing how the photos will look once ready for distribution:

A few of the submissions bagged and ready to go.

A few of the submissions bagged and ready to go.

A short note for the finder

A short note for the finder

Photographer's card

Photographer’s card

Stay tuned for more info…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

I took this high-key photo of my Mom’s dancing shoes. She lived her life with gusto and endured like no other woman I know.

Footnote: Have you heard about the Six Degrees Free Photo Find? Would love to have you participate, for more info go here:



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Six Degrees is taking photography to the streets and leaving it there


Want to participate in the “six degrees free photo find”? If so, read on…

A few years ago I started a non-profit poetry organization called take-it-to-the-street-poetry. The idea was to give for free, any and everywhere booklets of poetry and art. It was a hugely successful project with over 300 contributors, 30 poetry volumes and 6 Poetry Chapbooks being distributed worldwide in a variety of locations.
Our motto was “People getting words to people that don’t get words”.

I shifted gears over a year ago and started capturing on camera the world as I viewed things. Writing poetry and taking photographs are very similar except one is done on paper and one with a camera. Capturing art whether through words or photographs are ways for people to pause in their daily routine and just admire, connect with the world in which we live. We must share our gifts with the world and have reminders of all the beauty around each of us.

So that being said, I have recently started placing photos I have taken and placed them in places all around town. Each photo is enclosed in a waterproof bag, business card enclosed with a small note for the recipient. I also take a quick iphone photo of the gift I leave for someone to find and will be posting these on a page here at six degrees.

Here is where you come into the scene, I would love to include your photos for the “six degrees free photo find”. If you chose to participate and share a photo(s) I would print a 4×6 photo, make a business card with your contact info (website url, name, email, whatever you choose) and distribute it anywhere my travels take me. I also am including an email address so anyone that finds the photos can respond and let us know their thoughts.

If you are interested in participating, please let me know in the comments or you can email me at sixdegreesphoto@gmail.com. Remember, all of this is at zero cost to you, just share your art!

More Information can be found here as well: http://sixdegreesphotography.wordpress.com/free-photo-find-faqs/

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.”
Dorothea Lange

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

all human beings collectively; the human race; humankind

Of all the photos I have taken, this is one of my favorites. It represents humanity in it’s most honest, beautiful form. One soul leaning in to teach/listen to another.


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